Hotel Gritti Palace - Veneza


In February 2013, the majestic Gritti Palace will re-open its doors following a significant and extensive restoration. This Luxury Collection Hotel is a historical treasure where heritage and culture have blended with renewed Venetian style. A place of exceptional art and elegance, the restored Gritti Palace will retain its reassuringly intimate and familiar feel. With attentive service, a delectable culinary experience, and new avenues for relaxation and pleasure, The Gritti Palace will be a refined version of its iconic self.


In preparation for the restoration of this Venetian landmark, The Gritti Palace explored its roots and the building’s origins dating back to 1475 as a private home for the noble Pisani family followed by the distinguished Doge of Venice, Andrea Gritti.
A true emblem of Venice, The Gritti Palace will build on its heritage as a private home, as a place where global influencers, from writers to politicians to artists and musicians congregated and celebrated, and as a locus for art and culture, restoring the magnificent building and Luxury Collection hotel to its former glory.


The Gritti Palace, A Luxury Collection Hotel is a place of romance and intimacy, a home away from home from which to explore the treasures of Venice; and the reference point for the world’s elite at international city events such as the Biennale of Contemporary Art and the Venice Film Festival.
From its beginnings, this important landmark has been at the centre of Venetian history, culture and society. Located amidst the wonders of Venice’s opera house, cathedrals, museums and palazzos, The Gritti Palace is an insider hideaway, discreet and tucked away for the most understated and privileged of discerning guests and global explorers.


The Gritti Palace is undergoing a meticulous restoration process with a carefully appointed team of architects, designers, craftsmen and restorers.
Donghia, one of the most sought after and influential interior designers of the past century, will transform The Gritti Palace using rare archival fabrics from leading houses of Venetian weavers, as well as a stunning array of new and original chandeliers and glassware from Murano.
The magnificent suites will each be a work of Venetian art in itself, with the latest technology, sumptuous beds and spacious bathrooms.
The famous terrace, restaurant and bar areas will be updated and the original culinary kitchen re-instated. The Gritti will be improved and upgraded; retaining all that made it great and protecting the ancient structure from threats such as the floods of the Aqua Alta.


The new Gritti Palace will be famous for its exceptional 21 sumptuous suites, 8 of which will have incredible views of the Grand Canal. All suites will be designed by Chuck Chewning of Donghia and feature treasures such as hand blown Murano glass, archival historic fabrics, the finest Italian marbles, and rare books and objects that are unique to The Gritti Palace. They will reflect the intimacy of a private residence, each a Venetian work of art in itself.

  • Palazzo Canal View Suites: These large suites will have incredible canal views, capturing the magic sights and sounds of Venice. These will include the Hemingway, Somerset Maugham and Pisani Suites.
  • Patron Canal View Suites: These suites will leverage the rich cultural and artistic heritage of The Gritti Palace, conceptualised around iconic personalities and designers of the Gritti including Peggy Guggenheim, John Ruskin, the Punta della Dogana and Donghia.
  • Heritage Suites: The Coppa Volpi and La Fenice Suites will reference the historical elements of The Gritti Palace and Venice, designed for celebration.
  • Redentore Terrazza Suite: The newly revealed hidden gem at The Gritti Palace will be a spectacular rooftop suite with a vast 250 sq/m terrace overlooking the Grand Canal and Venice, perfect for entertaining and private events.


The Gritti Palace will have three Food & Beverage venues. The famous Bar Longhi and Club del Doge restaurant will be restored to their former glory. The original Gritti kitchen will also be reinstated and re-named The Gritti Epicurean School. These will give guests of The Gritti Palace a selection of outstanding culinary delights to choose from, from light snacks in the Bar Longhi, to formal dining in the Club del Doge and culinary workshops in The Gritti Epicurean School.

  • Bar Longhi: The splendid Bar Longhi and its Grand Canal Terrace will continue to be a charming and bustling hub of social interaction at The Gritti Palace. It will feature the best cocktails in Venice as well as a Venetian Cicchetti Experience, ideal for sharing and late night snacking. Ingredients will be market fresh and seasonal. The Bar Longhi will also feature an outstanding soufflé menu making it the perfect stop off for a dessert and nightcap.
  • Club de Doge: The Club del Doge will be a magnificent celebration of Venetian tradition in a formal setting, with the spectacular outdoor terrace overhanging the Grand Canal. The atmosphere will be casual chic by day with guests nibbling on crudités and fresh seafood platters. Dinner will be a more formal affair with a menu showcasing the finest Venetian cuisine and the best risotto in Venice.
  • The Gritti Epicurean School: This informal Venetian kitchen will host a variety of interactive events and experiences including wine tastings and cooking workshops. Guests of The Gritti Epicurean School will dine on a communal table and will be able to enjoy hearty Italian home cooking and discover fresh products from the region.


These secret places of rest, relaxation and escape will propose a variety of massage and beauty treatments that enable guests to nurture body and soul after an intense day spent discovering the wonders of Venice.


The Gritti Palace will be the destination authority on Venice. With its team of Clef d’Or concierges, it will host a series of truly bespoke experiences that will showcase the year-round attributes of The Gritti Palace and of Venice. These will include stunning once in a lifetime exclusive access and experiences in local art, culture, music, food and wine.