Amanjena, Marrakech

Known in Arabic as Al Medina al-Hamra, the ‘Red City’, Marrakech lies near the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, an ancient city of romance and culture at Morocco’s heart. Just outside its walls, set within an oasis of palm and olive trees alongside a golf course, is Amanjena or ‘peaceful paradise’.

A tranquil retreat, Amanjena reflects the region’s Moorish heritage in every graceful arch, stone courtyard and rose petal-strewn fountain, its sunpaled red walls and reflective pools paying homage to North Africa’s stark beauty and rich history.

Twin lounges frame the Entrance Colonnade, each featuring a brass lantern nearly two metres high adjacent to an open fireplace. Rising from circular banquettes of hand-printed velvet, the lanterns reach towards lofty ceilings as traditional Moroccan music drifts through the open spaces of the resort, framed by Moorish arches.